About Us

You’ve bought that outfit, you know, the one you spent hours thinking about. The one that's so unique you’re going to really stand out from the crowd. Only, when you’re out you see someone else wearing the exact same get-up, and it ruins your night...
That’s the risk you take shopping on the High Street... and we’re here to stop it!

We’re here to represent the next generation of up-and-coming fashion designers as well as the nation’s best independent retailers to bring you not only the best and freshest new designs, but with a limit on every design shown on here, you’ll be sure to the one shining the brightest when you’re out on the town.

The concept is simple – we provide the platform for these shops and designers to make a difference to your life!

But it doesn't stop there - to get item's on to this site they need to follow our three values:

- Be Fresh

- Be Funky

- Be Fashionable

All creations are vetted to check they adhere to these guidlines before we set them live - after all, if they aren't these things then why would you want them?!

Feedback is feedback, and we value all of it so if you've got something on your mind then let us have it at:

Follow us! You can be kept up-to-date with all things from Nu HQ at our facebook page here or @nufashionco on twitter


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